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Dale and Toby are TDC Car Care

Dale has been in the automotive repair industry since 1971. He knew at an early age that he wanted to work with cars, trucks and anything mechanical. His knack and ability to understand and work with mechanical and electrical systems makes him a natural when it comes to dealing with today’s complex vehicles.

In the early years, Dale worked on bicycles and go-carts cars for friends and the kids in the neighborhood. He took over his parent’s garage at age twelve and turned it into "his own shop”, the rest is history. There was never anything else he wanted to do. He would seek out training and technical information
anywhere and everywhere he could. When there was not any information or training available, he would go and talk with the local mechanics at the corner garage, tapping into there experience and knowledge.

In high school Dale had taken all the automotive classes his school offered by his junior year. Not to be deterred, Dale sat down with his auto shop instructor and they put together a shop management course so Dale could hone his management and leadership skills. Therefore it was a natural path for Dale to follow when, in 1980, he opened a twelve bay shop in Prescott Arizona. Recognized for his abilities and commitment to the auto repair industry, in 1989, he was called on by fellow shop owners to be the president of the local chapter of the Automotive Service Association. He filled that position until 1994 when he was elected as State Director of the Arizona Automotive Service Association.

As a tribute to the Dave Misesner, Dale’s high school auto shop instructor, Dale took time from the duties of A.S.A state director and from running his shop to go into teaching. He taught at the local community college in the auto technologies department. His teaching degree was achieved through years of experience and hours of on the job training as well as attending countless technical seminars and classes. With his natural ability to fix things, and his knack for making complicated mechanical things seem simple and logical, Dale was right at home in the class room.

Toby came to work for Dale in 1992; His automotive background was very impressive for someone his age. Toby had experience in the automotive industry repairing and servicing cars, and managing one of Prescott Arizona’s leading body shops. Toby’s desire to become a lead repair and service technician and his perfectionist attitude made him the perfect partner to team up with Dale.

Toby, like Dale, has had a passion for cars and trucks all his life. He was one of the co-founders of the Prescott Auto Enthusiasts Car club and spent his time away from work building race cars, performance vehicles and custom cars. All the time wanting to make cars run and look better than they were originally made.

Toby’s drive for perfection is evident in everything he does, from his welding and fabrication skills, to his understanding of automotive computer systems. His constant thirst for knowledge about today’s cars, trucks and SUV’s keeps him on the cutting edge of today’s automotive technology.
Through the years, Toby has attended training classes and seminars. He is constantly updating his training and credentials to the point where he has gone from apprentice and student to Master Technician. With his ability and knowledge, he is able to handle all of today’s vehicle’s service and repair needs. Toby also has an in depth knowledge of automotive computer control systems, he can sort through all the data from today vehicles and make the proper decision to fix your vehicle properly the first time.

Dale and Toby would like the opportunity to earn your business and be your car care provider. Not by selling you on this week’s special or by hiring a big name celebrity to represent them, but by doing what they do best…servicing your car and repairing it right.

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